Wills-Camp Lofts are currently located at 819 Main Street.  The building houses five luxury lofts in addition to commercial space.  The building was constructed on Main Street in Historic Downtown Lynchburg in 1880.  At the time the address was 107 Main Street.  From 1881-1889 the building was owned by CS Bliss (CS & Son) & Geo H Bliss (Bliss Stoves & Tinware).  The new street numbers were assigned in 1887 and the building number transitioned to 819.  Lewis O Wrenn took over ownership of the building for 14 years beginning in 1899 and converted the building into L.O. Wreen: Harness & Saddlery.  Isbell-Bowman Shoe Company began occupancy in 1916 and in 1929 shared the space with Merchant's Mecantile Agency.  For a brief year the building housed Kent Clothes Shop and in 1936 W.G Wills took over ownership establishing Wills-Camp Co.  The building remained in his care from 1936-1983.